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my race results

recipients of disproportionate amounts of anger while I’m commuting

  • people on the train who had seats but get up and try to get off the train (at the last stop) before the people who have been standing have a chance to move - shout out to the dude today who slithered out of his seat past me to get off before everyone else
  • the people at the one coffee cart at Broadway and Vesey who think it’s acceptable to line up blocking the sidewalk instead of off to the side like every other polite coffee cart line in town
  • people walking and/or climbing stairs while reading books (real or digital)
  • people smoking (sorry y’all, free country and everything, but I’m just trying to walk to work, not inhale whatever poison you’ve chosen to ingest this morning)
  • wheeled-backpack connoisseurs
  • women commuting in heels - I don’t care what you claim, you’re walking slower than you could be and thus are in my way
  • couples who hold hands while standing on the train in lieu of holding on to part of the car - I’m less mad at them because they usually get hurled across the car anyway
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